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Sketches & Parody Songs

YouTube Comedy

For the past several years, I've been writing comedy content for popular YouTube channels focused on nerd culture and current trends. Below are a few of my all time favorite songs and sketches!

Hunger Games Quiz Fail
Katie Wilson
Basic Bitch Support Group
Infinititty Comedy
If Harry Potter Had Lyrics
The Warp Zone
Jon Snow (No Parody)
Katie Wilson
Hello From The Darkside
Infinititty Comedy
Halloween or Christmas Movie?
Katie Wilson
Make Hocus Pocus 2
Infinititty Comedy
If Your Phone Was A Person
Kam & Erik
Infinititty Comedy

Netflix & Netflix Film Club

YouTube Video Scripts

As the head writer at BMP productions, my main focus is pitching, writing, producing, and creating video content for the Netflix and Netflix Film Club YouTube Channels to promote Netflix Originals and licensed titles. Below are just a few of my favorite projects - check out both channels on YouTube to see more!

Is The Haunting of Bly Manor True?
Ava DuVernay's Directing Trademarks
Netflix Film Club
6 Things Never to Say to Lucifer
Lara Jean & Peter's Love Story
Netflix Film Club
Every Kiss in To All The Boys
Top 10 Performances of 2020
Netflix Film Club
The Netflix Christmas Universe Explained
Every Sweet in To All The Boys Ranked
Netflix Film Club
How BLACKPINK's Dancing Changed
Netflix Film Club

Hosted Videos

YouTube / Facebook Watch

I've written host dialogue and narration for competitive reality videos, semi-educational comedic pieces, promotions, and more. I also wrote and produced the 24-episode hosted gaming video series "Does it Hold Up?" as a part of the Facebook Gaming initiative. 

Impossible Puzzle Box Challenge
Gamers v. Soldiers Paintball Challenge

Why Hufflepuff Is Best

Does MGS Hold Up?

Are You A Brogre?

Does Goldeneye Hold Up?

Who Is The Average Gamer?

Does Mario Kart Hold Up?

What's Too Many Consoles?

Does OoT Hold Up?


Editorial Videos & Articles

Facebook Video

While working at Defy Media, I wrote and produced nearly 800 editorial videos for Facebook. From movie news and gaming tips to scientific breakdowns and local artist profiles, these videos covered it all!

Why Nickelback Sucks

Little Mermaid is Dark AF

Disneyland Knock Off!

IRL Lightsaber Destruction

Is Bayonetta Sexist?

Couples Who Play Together

Is Cersei a White Walker?

Where's "A Knight's Tale" Now?

The StudioBinder Blog

Film Blog

StudioBinder is an online preproduction resource that includes an educational blog. Featuring articles on film theory, production, storytelling, and honing cinematic skills, I reviewed and dissected video essays that explored these topics. Below are a few of my favorite posts from my time writing for them. 


Viral Meme Content

Facebook Video

While many of my other videos have found viral success, I also write/create relatable meme-style videos specifically intended to grow reach on social media. Below are a few examples of my favorite spicy memes. 

Dora the Transformer

Yer a Wizard, Eddy!

Work According to Harry Potter

Friday According to Thor

Spring Break According to SW

Dieting According to GoT

Me, an Adult

Why Jedi Can't Wave

What Guys Think Happens at Sleepovers

When You Use Your Phone At Night