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Fine Bros Entertainment

Unscripted YouTube Videos

For the past six months, I've been producing unscripted react, challenge, and gaming content for The React channel focused on food, music, celebrities, video games, and pop culture. My videos routinely receive over a million views within the first week. Below are just a few examples - visit the React Channel to see more!

Try Not To Eat Marvel Foods
Try Not To Eat
5.3 million views
Do Parents Know Emoji Meanings?
Do They Know It
10.6 million views
Can Cops Spot the Stoners?
4.7 million views
Ninja Destroys Fortnite Gamers
React Gaming
5.1 million views
Overwatch Pro Destroys Gamers
React Gaming
4.1 million views
Try Not To Die Challenge
Try Not To
3.1 million views
Guess That Shrek Reference
Guess That
Gamers vs. Soldiers Paintball Challenge
React Gaming
4.2 million views
2.2 million views
Secret Pro Eater | Competitive Eating Challenge
People vs. Food
9.3 million views
People Try April Fools Foods
People vs. Food
4.7 million views

Lemonlight Media

Commercials for Various Platforms

While working with Lemonlight Media as a creative producer, I ideated, wrote, and executed a wide variety of commercials for important national brands, as well as startups and small businesses. 

Happy Socks // Persado
Retail Technology
Indie Go Go CES Sizzle
Crowdfunding Platform
Michael J Walker & Associates
Real Estate Agency
Trip Advisor - Digital Campaign
Manny & Olga's Pizza
Chain Restaurant
Dansko - Brand Sizzle Reel
Shoe Company 
Social Kapture
Marketing Agency

Defy Media

Video Content

In addition to producing the videos I wrote, I also produced and co-produced unscripted, DIY, and Compilation videos for Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and other social platforms.

Guessing LoZ Emoji

Guessing Marvel Emoji

Top 5 Video Game Swords | Man at Arms

DIY Harry Potter Wands

DIY GoT Window Clings

How Many Times Do They Say "The Force?"

Freelance Production

Various Platforms

In addition to producing some of my own shorts and project, I've also produced a wide variety of content for small companies, educational programs, YouTube Channels, brands, and other independent filmmakers. 

Make Hocus Pocus 2
Infinititty Comedy
Tea with Maude & Ida
Infinititty Comedy
Wealthy Investor TV: Team Trading
The Wealthy Investor
About The BB Card
The Benefit Bar
How Far I'll Go (Cover)
Island Arcade