Mary Risk


Legend of Katie

The Story

Banished from their respective kingdoms for living unhappily-­‐ever-­‐after, Zel (Rapunzel), Faira (Snow White), and Rory (Sleeping Beauty) are three divorced and dysfunctional princesses adjusting to life in the fairytale city of The City. When Ari (The Little Mermaid) shows up on their doorstep, dumped, despondent, and damp, the princesses begin a new adventure. In the company of peasants, nostalgic icons, and beloved fictional characters, these girls are looking to marry, boff, and bitch their way back into fairytale relevancy. 

The original teaser, shown here, is from the original low-budget shoot three years ago. After a seven day shoot in February, the pilot is currently in post-production, and the series teaser we shot is nearing completion! To learn more about Banish'd, please visit our website! 

Infinititty Comedy

Mary Risk, Writer

I have several exciting writing projects in the works right now! I most recently became a contracted writer for YouTuber Katie Wilson, writing sketches and parody songs for her channel Legend of Katie.  I am an also an active member of the female-centric sketch group Infinititty Comedy, where I write, act, and produce skits with a strong female voice. Additionally, I have a feature film in the early stages of pre-pro (details to come soon!). Lastly, Banish'd, a series I co-wrote, is now beginning the process of shopping to networks. Posted below is the original low-budget trailer, shot 3 years ago. The new trailer will be released for viewing in the near future!